5 Myths Of Cloud Computing

Let’s bust a few myths of cloud computing. These are myths I hear all the time, but that are no more true than the moon drips purple blood. Here are 5 often spoken myths of cloud computing. Read them and you’ll know the truth.

  1. Cloud Computing Is Not Secure – Hold on a sec. Some people perpetuate this myth because they came into contact with a cloud that wasn’t secure. That doesn’t mean all clouds are not secure. Public clouds are generally secure, but it depends on the cloud. Every cloud is different and those that are run by security-conscious managers tend to be very secure.
  2. Customers Lose Control In The Cloud – No they don’t. Again, it depends on how the cloud is managed, but many public clouds offer greater flexibility and control than traditional computing.
  3. Cloud Computing Is Expensive – Again, not true. Expenses are typically converted from large upfront expenses (traditional computing) to smaller ongoing operational costs. You generally pay for the services you use and when you calculate costs, be sure to calculate all the expenses associated with personnel, management, maintenance, etc.
  4. Everything Should Be Moved To The Cloud – No. Some applications just aren’t cut out for the cloud.
  5. Cloud Computing Is A Passing Fad – Wrong again. Cloud computing is here to stay. You can’t stop it.

Now that you know the truth about cloud computing, do your homework and see how it can benefit you.

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