Cloud Computing: Virtue Or Vice?

Mention cloud computing in a room full of IT professionals and you are about to witness a riot. There are advocates of both positions – yes and no, good and bad, virtue and vice. Choose a side and start arguing.

Well, I can tell you which side I’m on. I firmly believe that cloud computing is a good thing. It may not be for every company, but for those companies that can benefit from it, they can certainly benefit from it in a big way.

Here are 5 good reasons that I believe cloud computing falls down in the “virtue” side:

  • Offers greater flexibility and control – With cloud computing, you can maneuver your computing systems more flexibly than you can when they are tied to one location.
  • You pay only for what you use – No more large mainframes sitting around taking up space. You pay for what you use, and that’s it.
  • You can free up space on your site – Instead of that computer room you spend so much money on trying keep cool, you can use that space for something else.
  • Cut down on overhead costs – That’s right, cut down on your electric bills and the costs of maintaining computing systems.
  • Testing in the cloud is easier for multiple work stations – Testing applications in the cloud is a lot easier if being used and tested on multiple work stations.

I could bore you with five more, but I think I’ll let it rest right there. Suffice it to say, cloud computing has its vices, but it’s mostly a virtue.

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