Cloud Computing And Web Programming

Does the nature of Web programming change when a company moves from traditional computing to cloud computing? No, not really. There are such minor differences that to note them doesn’t really pay any dividends, but most of the differences are positive anyway.

With cloud computing, you can do a lot more seamless testing of your Web applications. Cloud computing is just as secure as traditional computing and you can test your apps from multiple nodes around the world. With traditional computing, you are stuck testing applications only while on location.

The primary difference between cloud computing and traditional computing is with delivery of services. The software that you use for your programming and development projects is hosted online, or at the very least is delivered over the Web. This is as opposed to existing on your hardware at your location. Because the software is delivered online, it can be used by anyone in your company at any location. Therefore, you can have your Web development team collaborate on your projects online in real time with seamless ease.

For great programming tutorials that you can use for your cloud computing initiatives, visit The Web Made Easy.

Web development is just as easy in the cloud as it is at your home office.

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