Cloud Computing Has Reached The Consumer

Cloud computing has finally reached the consumer level. It didn’t take long, but it serves as confirmation that cloud computing has really gone mainstream. There’s no stopping it now.

Traditionally, cloud computing has been something only of interest to large corporations. Enterprise solutions have addressed certain needs of businesses with multiple locations worldwide, but in the last two or three years there has been an increase in small and mid-size businesses taking an interest in cloud computing. Now, Amazon is offering a consumer product in the cloud – music hosting.

Will it fly? I think it already has.

The initial offer is for 5 MB hosting space for free. An upgrade is available to 20 MB for $20 for the first year. That’s a good introductory offer.

Consumers who have been standing on the sidelines wondering what all the fuss is about over cloud computing can now find out for themselves. Host your music on Amazon’s servers and you can access them from anywhere in the world. You can access them on your Android or on your laptop. Rock on!

Never let it be said that businesses get all the best deals. Consumers now can get in on one of the best deals of the Internet in a few years. Cloud computing now allows you to store your favorite music albums and clear out some of that space in your attic.

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