Are Cloud Interoperability Standards Necessary?

The IEEE is looking at implementing standards for cloud interoperability. The question is, are these standards necessary?

I think we can start a good argument over this. Pick your side. I’m taking the side of yes.

I’m not particularly hip to regulation and oversight, but sometimes it works. Say what you will about the FCC, but for years it did a pretty decent job of keeping the airwaves clean of dirty talk. Public roadways keep traffic moving in this country and truckers, the backbone of our capitalist infrastructure, stay on time and get the product delivered.

The IEEE is also the organization that gave us global wi-fi, as the article points out:

IEEE is the professional engineering organization that formulated 802.11 Ethernet, which became the standard for the global implementation of Wi-Fi, David Bernstein, chairman of the initiative’s two working groups that were announced Monday, noted in an interview.

I certainly would not be the first person to say that regulation is necessary on anything, but cloud computing services have become so common now and with so many cloud services attempting to make a buck on the trend, there are bound to be errors and issues. A common standard surrounding cloud interoperability can keep the industry in line just as it does with electrical standards on residential housing construction.

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