The Ease Of Server Customization

What would happen if you called up your traditional hosting company and asked them to change the configuration on your server? Do you think they would do it? Not if you have that old stale, cheap, shared hosting that is so popular.

Even if you have a dedicated server, chances are your hosting company will laugh you off the planet if you asked for a customized server configuration. After all, they have an interest in the game. They want to protect that server for future clients.

With cloud hosting, server customization is easy. You just call your hosting company and tell them to make the changes. Done. No fuss, no hassle.

Why is it so much easier with a cloud host? Because cloud hosting is designed to be customized by its nature. Every client has different needs, therefore, cloud hosts are more readily capable of responding to those needs.

Your cloud host should be comfortable with you calling them up any time you have a desire to discuss your server. Traditional hosts typically do not want you to call. Since cloud hosting is more about the needs of the client than the needs of the hosting company, you can have the server configuration you want. It’s easier to customize your server settings when you host in the cloud.

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