The Benefits Of Virtualization Software

Virtualization software is a special type of software that allows a business to set up a virtual machine or virtual network in their organization. All your computers can use the same physical resources through a guest operating system, which the virtualization software creates for you.

Essentially, you dedicate one computer to run the virtualization software. What you gain from that is multiple operating systems – all on one computer.

When you set up a computer this way using virtualization software, each additional operating system you load on that computer causes that computer to operate as a separate computer. So if you have a computer with 5 operating systems loaded onto it, then you have 5 computers. It’s like you’ve multiplied your computing assets.

The benefits to doing this are numerous:

  • It allows you to consolidate servers and operate more efficiently
  • It conserves energy and turns your office or business into a “green” business
  • It’s easier to manage several virtual machines than several real machines
  • You can reduce your backup and recovery time
  • Testing software configurations is more streamlined
  • You can use old software applications that may not be compatible with new operating systems by setting up a virtual machine just for them
  • You can run cross-platform applications easier and more efficiently

Now that you know the benefits of using virtualization software, which one is right for you? Well, now, that’s a different story.

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