What Is The Open Cloud Consortium?

The Open Cloud Consortium (OCC) has only been around since 2008. That’s not very long, but they’ve done some good work. One of the things they’ve done, which I think is quite interesting, is establish a testbed that keeps growing every year.

The first phase of the testbed consisted of getting it into operation. It consisted of 240 cores in four U.S. data centers. Those data centers are located at University of Illinois at Chicago, StarLight in Chicago, Calit2 in LaJolla, and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. All the racks were connected to a wide area 10 gb/s network. Before the end of its first year, the testbed was upgraded to 480 cores.

In its second year of operation, the OCC conducted phase 2 of operations. In this phase, the number of racks was increased to 9 and the number of nodes to over 250. The number of cores went to over 1,000.

Phase 3 began last year and is currently underway. The goal is to increase some of the 10G network connections to 100G.

The Open Cloud Consortium testbed is an experiment with a lot of potential. Future cloud operations could hinge on what takes place in this testbed. Policy and best practices could be implemented based on their testing. What do you think?

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