Why A Honeypot Is Essential

If you are using or planning to use cloud computing resources, then I highly recommend that you set up a honeypot to capture spam and malicious malware attacks. A honeypot is a lure for hackers. It contains no useful information, but it appears that it does. To be really useful, you’ve got to separate your honeypot from the rest of your network and put a firewall around it so that hackers cannot access your network through the honeypot.

Honeypots are an essential aspect for cloud computing because you are doing business in a virtual location that is accessible to anyone Even if you put firewalls and use anti-virus software, a honeypot can lure hackers away from your real networks and get trapped so that they can’t do you any damage.

Ask your cloud computing provider if they utilize honeypots. If not, find out why. They are relatively easy to set up and are very effective in capturing the nasties before they can hurt you.

Reputable cloud computing providers use honeypots, honeynets, and honeyfarms as a security measure against all security threats.

Don’t take chances with your computing resources. Make sure you are protected with a honeypot today and every day.

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