Why Redundancy Will Save Cloud Computing

Cloud computing isn’t in any danger. Redundancy is really just one reason why. Others include scalability, flexibility, cost efficiency, and security. But redundancy is a powerful benefit and you are soon to know why.

First, what is redundancy? This is a fancy term that is used to describe the benefit of copying the data on one server onto another server as a back up procedure. The reason this is done is to prevent any future loss of data or downtime.

Hosting companies have learned the hard way that one server going down can cause a loss of data to several clients at once over a long period of time while they work to get that server back into operation. And when it’s time to perform maintenance on a server, you don’t want to have to take down all of your clients’ websites and affect their businesses in a negative way. Redundancy saves all that.

Redundancy allows your cloud host to duplicate all of your data on a backup server. If the primary server goes down for any reason, then resources are reallocated to the backup server and no loss of data occurs. No downtime to your website is experienced either.

Also, if you do have to perform maintenance on a server, you can transfer resources to the backup machine and do your maintenance, then reverse those resources when the maintenance is completed. No downtime, no data loss, and no fuss.

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