What Google, Facebook, And Amazon Have In Common

What do Google, Facebook, and Amazon have in common? I mean, besides being the three largest Internet companies in the world? And all being U.S.-based.

Answer: They all are involved in cloud computing at some level.

Google, of course, is the largest search engine online. It’s easy to see how Google is involved in cloud computing. If you use Google Docs or some of Google’s other free online services, then you are a consumer of cloud computing services. Google is the provider.

Amazon is famous for its cloud computing services. However, unlike Google, it does not provide those services for free. The service Amazon is most famous for in its cloud computing niche is hosting.

Facebook is a user of cloud computing in a different way. Rather than providing cloud services to customers – either free or paid – Facebook owns its own datacenter, allowing it to provide its core services utilizing the benefits of cloud computing – scalability, redundancy, security, etc.

If the largest companies on the Web run their businesses using the cloud computing model, do you think it would benefit you as well? I certainly do. And while Google and Amazon are in the cloud services provider category, they are also consumers of cloud computing. They use their own resources themselves. Let them inspire you to figure out how you can use cloud computing to your company’s advantage.

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