Private Cloud Hosting

You know that there are different types of cloud hosting: Public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. Today I’d like to discuss different hosting options for setting up your own private cloud environment.

  • On-premises dedicated server – Your first option, of course, is to set up your own server on your own premises. The upside to doing this is you stay in complete control and you can ensure the tightest security. The downside is you are stuck with paying all the operational costs, including ongoing maintenance and overhead.
  • Off-premises dedicated server – Want to save on overhead? Then ditch the facilities and keep the server. You won’t have to mess with the operational expenses of maintaining your own server. The downside is all the issues that can pop up with any hosting provider. However, reputable cloud services providers have systems in place to mitigate the problems.
  • Co-hosted server – This is a type of server where you own the server and someone else manages it at their location. You get all the benefits of having a dedicated server. This is usually cheaper than the traditional dedicated server hosted account because you do not have to pay for ongoing hosting services. You are merely paying the upkeep of your server.
  • Virtual dedicated server – A virtual dedicated server gives you all the benefits of a dedicated server with a portion of the cost. The host partitions the server and loads your part of it with software that causes it to run like a full machine. Theoretically, you can have any number of virtual servers on one machine, but your host will limit each machine to a practical number of virtual servers for optimum performance for all customers.

Your private cloud deserves to be hosted by a company that can deliver tight security, ongoing maintenance, and additional services at a reasonable cost that is affordable and fair.

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