Why Hosting Is Due For A Change

It’s pretty clear that the dominant hosting company today is that web host that features pretty, scantily clad girls on Superbowl commercials. You think that marketing plan is working?

I think so too, but it won’t work for long.

Today’s Internet users are becoming more sophisticated. As well, Web business owners are getting more sophisticated and their needs are changing. That means hosting services themselves will need to change to meet the growing demands of these businesses. In fact, they already are.

Cloud computing is the evidence that hosting is already in a state of change. Traditional hosting is on its way out even if it doesn’t look like it.

The future of Internet marketing is going to be wrapped up in local search, mobile search, video marketing, and apps development. These innovations will force a change in Web hosting at a very fundamental level. How so?

Local search won’t place too many demands on hosting. Mobile search may, but if it does so it will be in the apps department so I’ll save that discussion for then. With videos, companies will need to store their videos on a server somewhere. Currently, most video marketers are using YouTube. It think this will change some time in the next five years as more marketers will begin to realize that hosting their own videos will lead to better optimization of their websites and attract more visitors to their websites. That will require bandwidth.

In addition to additional space for video storage, marketers will need cloud services for app development. This has already started with companies like Amazon and Google providing storage space and cloud app development companies springing up.

Hosting is going to have to change to meet the growing demand for cloud-based apps, storage, and marketing services. I don’t see any other way. Do you?

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